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High Heels Slider V1 (Thigh)

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Teen to Elder ( Male/Female)

Well first before a bunch of people come attacking me this slider works differently, it’s not a copy and I actually had to make my own slider to get my shoes to work in the game.

I know there are other sliders like this one like the amazing Red Head Sims which I always recommend to people who download my content and there’s Magic Bot too. But what’s the difference between the slider they created and mine? Well, for some time now I have seen that my shoes were “broken” in the game when using morphs (morphs is a thing that allows you to deform the mesh in the game, in shoes the morphs allow you to make the feet of your Sims more big, small, long or short). Since it’s breaking the mesh of my shoes (especially high heels) I decide not to put morphs on the shoes that get broken in game. I’m not going to remove morphs from all shoes, just the ones that don’t work well with morphs.

However if my shoes don’t have morphs the sliders won’t work and so you won’t be able to adjust your Sims to an ideal height for the heel or platform to appear.

So because of that I had to create a new slider that does the same work, but it’s activated in another body part that has morphs. So instead of dragging the mouse on the feet of your Sims you’ll have to click on your Sim’s thigh, drag up and down to change the height. It’s the same thing, just in a different spot. You’ll still be able to change your sim’s thigh size, don’t worry. The slider has no conflict with this.

In the video below I teach you how to install the slider and how to use it. Activate the caption! Available in Portuguese and English!

If you have any questions just ask me.

Download this and much more on Shoestopia page at

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