How to group your custom contents together in CAS

The short url of this creation is:

This method is easy and apply to the entire package.

Required: Sims4StudioCAS Tool 

Step 1: Open MTS_CmarNYC_1908634_S4CASTools_3_2_1_0 zip file, locate S4CASTool.exe, double click to run that file, enter your creator name and check for that it is the right directory to your The Sims 4 folder, hit Save.

Step 2: Have your package ready, I will choose this hair package from Sims4Studio

Step 3: In TS4 Cas Tools program, click on Clone Package Editor tab, click Select button right below to choose the package you want to change.

Step 4: locate the Order in CAS function, it will show the number of the original package you cloned from, the higher the number, your file will appear at the bottom in CAS. Change the number to what you prefer, I change it from 170 to 100

Step 5: When you’re done, hit Commit Changes button, and Save Package.

Step 6: Put that package in your Mods folder and open The Sims 4 game.

You can see the original pig tail hair is at the bottom for (170) while my new package is above the original (100).

To sort your cc nicely, I recommend change to number in decimal, like what I did here, you probably won’t have 100+ hairs to make it to the next whole number lol. Also, every category won’t conflict with each other’s order.

You can use CAS Tool to apply changes for the whole package instead of each swatch like Sims4Studio, with other function like Sort Layer, Composition Method. This is super helpful to update your old packages or new hair packages (that already had 18 swatches)

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